Usage Guide

The HOFFNUNG 3000 page consists of three sections which help you to navigate through the platform:


Users can have three different roles on HOFFNUNG 3000:


Change the default admin user

After a fresh install and database setup a default admin user was created for you. You should change that user after the installation:

  1. Log in with the initial admin user account, Email: admin@domain.com, Password: adminadmin

  2. Change your password by clicking Profile at the bottom of the sidebar

  3. Open the navigation and click Admin, then click Users, select your user by clicking Edit, change the email address to your own, now click Save

Manage users

Click on Users in the Admin page and select a given user via Edit or create a new one by clicking New User. You can define the users address, name and contact details. Use the Administrator, Participates at festival or Visitor checkboxes to assign permissions to the user. Click Account is enabled (Payment accepted) to activate the account (otherwise the user wont be able to log in).

Use the activation checkbox to handle for example bank wire transfers for ticket sales. Users who bought their tickets via PayPal are automatically activated on successful checkout.

Change texts

Click on Pages in the Admin page to change the contents of all pages. Use Markdown to format your texts. Some pages have different variations, depending on the context:

To change email texts or other parts of the page you have to change parts of the source code. Read the development section for more details.

Change title, description, localization, timeframe etc.

Click on Config in the Admin page. You see the following settings which can be used to customize the platform to your needs:

Ticket sales configuration

HOFFNUNG 3000 offers two separate ticket sales / checkouts for visitors and participants (see Roles above for details on the different user roles). You can activate/deactivate each regarding checkout, limit the amount of tickets or change the prices.

Use Maximum number of participants to define a ticket limit for participants. Set it to 0 if you don’t want to limit the amount. Define a Visitor ticket price and Participant ticket price (15.12 stands for example for 15,12 Euro). Set the prices to 0 if you want to give free entrance.

Toggle the Activate partipant ticket sales, or Activate visitor ticket sales if you want to turn on/off the sale pages.

Payment configuration

To offer bank wire transfer payment fill out the following fields: Receiver name, Bank name, IBAN, BIC. If you want to use PayPal for payment you have to change your server configuration. Please read about it here.

Activate or deactivate features

You can turn on/off features depending on your needs. Maybe you dont want to anonymize your users or you want to turn of the built-in messenger. Use the following checkboxes to do so: Use activity stream, Use anonymized animal avatars for users, Use messaging, Use random meetings.

Display YouTube videos

You can display a YouTube video on the homepage by setting the video ID here: Homepage video ID (this is the ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux2R9jwEIgw).

If you want participants to watch a YouTube video before signup you can set a Sign up video ID.

Use the gif-stream

Fill out the gif-stream Server URL field with your URL to enable this feature (make sure to remove any trailing slashes from the URL). The platform automatically connects to the gif-stream then. Note that you have to set up the gif-stream-server before.


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Manage places
Manage events

Random meetings
Activity stream
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