How is this decentralized?

The participants define all places by themselves, in this sense all events of the festival can take place “everywhere” in your city or even outside of it. This sort of decentralization does not have anything to do with the technical term: If you are interested in truly decentralized architectures like p2p networks you should read about p2panda.

How is this anonymous?

We thought it would be interesting to experiment with how we take decisions as organizers, curators and visitors by obfuscating the gender and realname of every festival participant with a randomly generated animal avatar. Technically it is still possible to look into the database to figure out which real person is behind what animal, in this sense the anonymity is only true for the participants using the platform.

How is this self-curated?

HOFFNUNG 3000 is a platform which helps a group of people to organize events by creating and sharing resources and places. It can therefore be used to put up a festival which does not need any curatorial instance (like an organizer, booker, jury, etc.).