HOFFNUNG 3000 is an NodeJS express server hosting a react application which communicates with the server API.

Project structure

The project consists of three main folders: app (holding the client application), server (API controllers, database) and common (shared utilities, translation files).


Read more about the configuration under installation.

git clone git@github.com:adzialocha/hoffnung3000.git
cd hoffnung3000
cp .env.example .env // change your config accordingly

Set NODE_ENV to development.

Database migration

npm run db:migrate
npm run db:seed

Create new migrations or seeds via:

npm run db:migrate:create
npm run db:seed:create

Building assets

HOFFNUNG 3000 uses webpack for bundling JavaScript and SCSS assets.

npm run assets:watch // for development
npm run assets:build // for production


Check your code against the style guides.

npm run lint:js
npm run lint:scss
npm run lint // run all linters

Running the development server

Make sure to start the server after bundling the assets, to make sure the server can read the generated asset paths correctly. The server starts at http://localhost:3000 by default (change the port via the PORT environment variable).

npm run serve

Translation files

Static page content can be changed via the admin panel in HOFFNUNG 3000. Email texts can be changed in server/mails/ and translations in common/locales.

Log levels

You can set the environment variable LOG_LEVEL to verbose to get more debug messages in the server log.